Dr Greg Gerrie
The Peoples Economist | Canada

“I have worked with Nitsa Nakos for over a decade and it has been a privilege, a pleasure and lucrative. Nitsa epitomizes the term servant leader. I have seen Nitsa serve in times of plenty and times of lack, in times of challenge and times of momentum; She continuously shows up leading, empowering and propelling her team to succeed.

Nitsa is a Master at understanding the business landscape and continuously establishes the right vision which empowers her team to excel at every level. Despite her monumental success, Nitsa remains full of integrity and humility and this makes it a joy to follow her in whatever endeavor she deems to be fruitful.”

Miracle Ghattas
Operations and Audit Manager | Canada

“From the moment I met Nitsa Nakos, I have been blessed to have her in my life, not just as a mentor but as a profound beacon of guidance and abundance of love and an advocate for true potential in everyone she encountered.

Under Nitsa’s mentorship in leading from the heart, I have experienced a rejuvenation of hope and an expansion of my own capabilities that I once thought unreachable. Her approach to leadership is both empowering and enlightening, providing the tools and support needed to traverse the challenging landscapes of personal and professional aspirations.

Thank you, Nitsa Nakos, for your guidance, mentorship and inspiration. Your impact is immeasurable, and your light and conscious leadership is truly a gift in this world.”

Dr Joanna Bogun
Missionary, Entrepreneur | Nigeria

"Nitsa is a loving, generous, courageous and highly skilled person. She is passionate, understanding and very sensitive to the needs of those that she serves.

Nitsa stands as a pillar of strength and empowerment and a source of never-ending encouragement, making her an invaluable presence in our lives and in many communities. Nitsa’s ability to guide and lead consciously is nothing short of inspirational. It is a testament to the profound impact that one individual can have on the lives of many. I feel so blessed to be connected with and to work with her.“

Caroline Lee
Therapist | USA

“I have known and worked with Nitsa Nakos for the several years, and have experienced her integrity and generosity.

She is an excellent communicator, business woman and visionary. I am excited to continue to work with Nitsa and to witness what she creates next.“

Priska King
Founder Sea To Sky Marketing | Canada

Nitsa Nakos has been my mentor, coach and ultimate role model in entrepreneurship for the past 25 years. Nitsa’s authentic, magnetic and uniquely powerful leadership style paired with her brilliant communication and interpersonal skills, sharp and savvy business sense has not only empowered me, but tens of thousands of other individuals from all walks of life, to discover and tap into hidden potential, light fires from deep within that fuel the right actions to achieve desired goals that ultimately lead to success beyond imagination!

Witnessing Nitsa’s humanitarian side over many years and her countless selfless contributions has been incredibly inspiriting. She has an amazing gift to seek out and put in motion very special causes with big impact.”

Perla Jurado
Mother, Entrepreneur | Mexico

Integrity, Decisiveness, Trustworthiness, Empowerment of others, Clear communication, Resilience, and Selflessness are a few characteristics that describe Nitsa Nakos.

I am beyond grateful for landing under her leadership 10 years ago. Nitsa is the most caring and the most giving human being that I know.

Her best quality is that she is genuine and always leads from the heart. Nitsa has been an angel in my life.”

Foster Owusu
Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur | Ghana

"I have had the awesome privilege of working with some amazing people in our industry. I am yet to meet someone who serves as well Nitsa Nakos does. I am truly thankful for her conscientious heart. Lives are being changed because of her selfless leadership. It is evident that she walks her talk.

Nitsa Nakos has done well in her business career, and she has chosen to serve this generation as a conscious leader. She is shaping the modern day leaders to become the best version of themselves.”

Theo Ampadu
Entrepreneur | USA

“Nitsa Nakos is an effective and empathetic change leader. She is a a God fearing conscious leader. She has an uncanny ability to lead and inspire her community to achieve personal and financial success. After working with Nitsa for several years, I have benefited from her leadership style rooted in integrity and accountability.

Nitsa shows up everyday, and her reliability is powered by a resilient spirit that has been tested and proven worthy of trust. I can absolutely say without a doubt that Nitsa Nakos leadership style is the best I have ever seen. Her heart is always in the right place!

Nitsa stands as a pillar of strength and empowerment and a source of never-ending encouragement, making her an invaluable presence in our lives and in many communities.“